Sole2Soul - Foot & Facial Reflexology

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for my treatment?

Initial treatments can take up to or above one hour and involve an in-depth consultation about your health, needs and lifestyle. Alternatively you may be emailed or sent a consultation form to complete and bring with you to the session.

Wear loose comfortable clothing. If having a Foot Reflexology treatment make sure your clothing can be easily rolled up to your knees. If having Facial Reflexology please be aware that I will remove make-up and if you have long hair I will use a headband.

It is advisable to avoid food and alcohol at least an hour before a session. Also please keep well hydrated.

Facial Reflexology

What happens when I go for a Facial Reflexology treatment?

I will remove make-up and cleanse the skin before applying a small amount of Organic Oil, this allows my fingers to move smoothly without pulling or stretching the skin. Throughout the treatment I will use a cream to help keep the skin moisturised.

Every session commences with the stimulation of facial acupuncture points with the intention of innervating the nerves, lymphatic and blood circulation of the face. I continue with a series of different treatment procedures on face maps, which represent your 12 major Chinese energy meridians, your physical and psychological aspects. Through these maps, I may be able to detect deposits relating an imbalance to an organ or system of the body. I will work these areas to stimulate the brain and nerve system and initiate the healing process. Cranial points and lines along with muscle stimulation are extra protocols that can also be incorporated.

A treatment session usually lasts for 50-60 minutes but can be extended to 90mins. Allow an extra 10 minutes for the first visit, as this will include your consultation.

What to expect after a reflexology treatment?

During or after a treatment most people report a total sense of relaxation. You may experience a physical or emotional reaction. The treatment encourages the body to rid itself of toxins, it is therefore important to ensure you drink plenty of fresh water following a reflexology session to help flush away these toxins from your body.

After a session it is possible to feel:

Whatever effects you may have, this is vital information to relay back to me as it shows how your body is responding to treatment. This will help me to tailor a plan specific to your needs.

Who can benefit from reflexology?

Reflexology is suitable for all ages and may bring relief from a wide range of acute and chronic conditions.

Can children benefit from reflexology?

Yes, Facial reflexology works in close proximity to the brain and therefore the Central Nervous System. Cranial lines and points can be used to enhance the treatment plan for children dealing with developmental difficulties and conditions.

It also aims to support and address the emotional needs and aspects of the children’s development through puberty. The treatment session lasts 30–45 minutes and allows time for the children to be quiet, to be calm, to relax and to have the focus of attention solely on them.

What Oils and Creams do you use?

I use 100% Pure Organic Rose Mosqueta oil and cream. It is widely used in the cosmetic industry as it is thought to be a potent anti-aging treatment that may help reduce wrinkles & fine lines.

It is obtained from the red hips of the wild rose grown in the mountain valleys of Chile. It has been produced using the cold press method to ensure that the oil's beneficial properties are not destroyed during extraction.

Rose Moqueta Oil/Cream has been designed to:

Can reflexology do me any serious harm?

No. Reflexology is essentially harmless. The therapeutic relaxation that reflexology produces will aid the body's release of toxins. On very rare occasions this release of toxins may bring about perspiration, a nauseous feeling, a headache, or a bad taste in the mouth. These minor discomforts are evidence of the body's healing process, are very temporary and are not serious.

When is reflexology not suitable?

People with recent or healing fractures, unhealed wounds or active gout affecting the foot should avoid foot reflexology. If you have osteoarthritis affecting the ankle or foot or severe circulation problems in the legs or feet, seek medical consultation before starting foot reflexology.

Please do not stop or avoid taking conventional medicine without consulting your medical practitioner first.

How many sessions will I need?

Every body is unique and will respond differently to reflexology, whilst there is often immediate improvements experienced, generally you should expect to have 3 – 4 treatments before seeing a more significant improvement.

The longer a condition has been present the longer it takes to respond to reflexology treatments. Most conditions benefit from weekly treatments over a period of six weeks.

After completing a course of reflexology for a specific condition many people find it beneficial to continue with regular monthly treatments in order to maintain their health and wellbeing.

Remember you do not need to be sick to enjoy the benefits of reflexology.